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Quick Quiz: How many basic foreign language words do you know? You'll never believe how many words the Scots language has for 'snow Skype Translator now available to preview Emoji is the fastest growing language in the UK Courts Service pays over €1m for interpreters YouTube adds 15 new languages Google Translate updates to support instant, offline translation


Lack of language skills hurting Irish jobseekers Foreign Affairs spends €750kon languages Department of Foreign Affairs spent €170k on language classes Are tech-savvy teens taking up Spanish to thrive in Silicon Valley?


Calls to assist children of ‘new Irish’ to learn their heritage


Letter: Educating students for the real world Unrest in Kiev over new language law PayPal recruits overseas as language skills hamper Irish candidates Jobseekers told to develop language skills Letter: Language mindset Survey: Two thirds of Irish people unable to speak second language Irish lag behind Europeans in language skills Words to the EU national anthem, Ode To Joy, in Esperanto Chinese culture centre wins prestigious award Poles outnumber British nationals as families re-unite China’s talking the talk Most Gaeltacht gardaí lacking an cúpla focail Voice of one nation in many languages


Translating trap (Trapattoni's Personal interpretor talks about her job) Review about book on language:Is That A Fish In Your Ear? David Bellos IBEC calls for integrated language education policy


Sky News to launch foreign language service (Dec) Language a big barrier to exploiting the newly rich markets in east Asia, India and the Arab states (Sep) A&E aids end language barrier pain(July) Lucrative EU jobs beckon graduates(March)


Spare a thought for the hapless Belgians when voting


30 Polish citizens confirmed in native tongue EU recognises Welsh tongue New word in the dictionary: Meh... Foreign workers may have to prove English proficiency Work permit renewals - English test not enough Harrington drawn into language guideline debate We have good reason to stand up to bullies(context of Lisbon Treaty) Letter: Spell it out — literacy is the real problem Friendly street ambassadors boost tourism effort Study recommends dropping ‘surplus’ letters to simplify spelling Immigrant translation service could mirror Portugal’s Poles lead demand for legal interpreters 2008 — Year of potatoes, sanitation and languages


Lost in translation: many court interpreters fail test Smart way of learning a new language Judge dismisses ‘incompetent’ Polish translators Belgian unity in doubt as the king calls off government talks Polish man’s death raised to highlight language difficulties Study: Migrants need English classes Bord Gáis first to go multilingual as 15% of customers are foreigners Polish healthcare company to open clinic to cater for influx of workers Lots of mileage left in placename puzzle What’s in a name? Well, er, confusion... More resources needed to teach an international Irish classroom Immigrants need better courses Hanafin injects extra €32m into language support teachers ‘Teachers should have say in language aid’ Troops’ translator device unveiled Language skills show babies are brighter than we think Students invited to translate Leaflet in 18 languages spreads word about importance of education Doctors’ language barrier fears may lead to EU exam