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Speaking two languages helps stroke recovery SpeakTalkChat heads to Silicon Valley to raise €2m English classes to be provided for refugees Too few students are doing languages, say firms Deaf community roar for recognition of sign language


School language policies hurt firms eyeing China, EI claims Poor language skills of Irish workers barrier to export market growth New study shows morals depend on your language Growing App-etite to learn a new language


Company Iconic Translation Machines helps professional translators working on technical documents Irish online language start-up in €3.75m China deal How you speak says more than what you actually say In the name of the fada: English giving us a lesson in Irish Head defends dialect ban in class Sprechen sie Deutsch? Jobseekers urged to learn German Calling all multilingual IT whizzes: skills shortage hits firms Why English is not enough any more when you're job hunting" Make German official language of the EU, says Merkel's party Mountain living 'alters language' Latin is a vital portal into other worlds and cultures East by South-West – they're learning Chinese in Dingle! American teenager teaches himself 23 languages in just a few weeks New exhibition revealing the global reach of English Medical group wants EU-trained doctors to take English test Plenty of jobs out there for people with degrees, experience and foreign languages France: it's mot-diese not hashtag Immigrants need English


Englishman started speaking only in Welsh after waking up from stroke 2,000 jobs available for German speakers £5m spent on translation services Karen O’Flaherty: A multilingual and IT-savvy workforce is what we must aim for Text speak does not affect children's use of grammar: study Letter, answer to Paypal: Tongue-tied Letter, answer to Paypal: Lip service IDA chief admits multinationals face language challenge Letter, answer to Paypal: Language please! Mark Forsyth: How tin tacks and syntax can change the way we look at world PayPal forced to 'import' 500 workers and warns of language skills crisis Russian language vote sparks riots in Ukraine We are a little tongue-tied in Ireland Mary Dejevsky: I dread the day English becomes Globish Allan Massie: There is nothing really wrong with the Americanisation of English, I guess Russian language in Ukraine Turkey and kurdish language Matthew Holehouse: Cost of scrapping foreign languages hits home Is urban Dublin's slang brown bread? Ireland's ethnic population speak a foreign language at home Results of census: A multi lingual country New BBC show offers Mandarin for pre-schoolers Mary Kenny: Don't diss 'Miss' -- it's not patronising, it's practical


Letter about: "We must learn to talk the talk for boost in trading" Ralph Fiennes blames Twitter for 'eroding' the English language Drat! Spiffing old words dying out as text speak takes over the English language Graduates 'must learn languages to compete' We must learn to talk the talk for boost in trading Department rules out language test Institute 'to boost China links' Kevin Myers: We must say au revoir to French imposters Make grammar fun and kids will get it says new research In brief:New language can delay Alzheimer's Teaching English in China: Moving to China was the best thing I ever did 'Could do better'- A French teacher's view Parlez-vous google? Google now translates your conversations


Can't learn a foreign language? Not true, say scientists Side Line: Pidgin English Raise your children to be bilingual Economy hit by drop in foreign language students Kiwi lessons Language row topples Belgian government EC plans translation rights Bid to promote German worldwide


A third of bosses want Chinese taught in schools Chinese more useful than Irish Cyberclinic: Can language translators be trusted – and which is best? Our lack of fluency in foreign tongues is holding us back Our ailing economy could benefit from foreign students Players from outside the European Union will have one year to learn English Our ailing economy could benefit from foreign students


Four in every five asylum seekers caught out by 'language police' Letter: Our position at the bottom of the European Language league Letter: Language is not the only barrier Letter: Language skill is music to my ears Language skills will reap rewards Welsh-language road sign : a blunder Job as an interpreter 100 languages spoken in single council area Senator wants new migrants to sit exam in English English essential to open up citizenship 'pathway' A Dublin slang guide French in a flap over Eurosong American multinational company to create 100 new multilingual sales jobs HSE plans to bring in translation services 'Rules of the Road' available in three foreign languages Le pub Irlandais is too Anglais Letter: Latin basics need to be followed Boom in Irish families living 'Spanish dream'


Hitting the headlines multilingual monthly rolls off the press HSE gets €750,000 bill for translators Citizenship applicants to face English language test Diversity Challenge: How to get immigrant readers Migrants in need of English classes 'Polish-only' school Illiteracy shames us, in whatever language New immigrant paper in seven different languages Don't use language as a barrier Calls on government to formally recognise sign language Lenihan is on an English conquest proficiency in the English language prerequisite for residency Migrants 'must pass' an English test to stay here Minister wants language skills to affect citizenship claims Govt urged to offer language courses to immigrants Nothing lost in translation as foreign films prove a success Linguistic double standards do exist in immigrant integration English courses plea by Chambers Taxpayer to foot bill for €100m English lessons Beijingers told to keep it clean . . . Courts body to fork out €2m on interpreters as demand rises English language courses for migrants Why our kids should learn to speak proper Citizenship applicants will face English language exam Too many people, not enough names in 'confused' China In praise of our literate youth We do not speak English Gardai learn basic Polish in their bid to serve immigrants Text generation told they must learn how to spell and punctu8 Students reject literacy 'slur' Info website to target New Irish Why I love languages McCreevy humbled by French Shanghai tongue-tied over swear word ban Gospel truth Immigrant survey seeks facts


Migrants' website in 10 languages Costs are soaring as more interpret in court "Irish people do not speak enough languages," Call for crisis-pregnancy guide to protect non-nationals Drive to win €80m spend by Chinese tourists IBEC concerned as pupils prop up language league English 'comfort zone' gets tongue-lashing Irish people have the worst record for languages in the European Union.


Gardai to recruit ethnic minority abroad Medical Translations to every Irish GP Cupla focal of Cantonese


Rights for speakers of minority languages


IBEC urges more language training
desperation to find speakers of languages of Afghanistan and Central Asia