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There is no denying the clear threats to future of Irish Irish and the Gaeltacht - they haven't gone away, you know The Irish language over the limit again 20 years a-growing - but how secure is the future for TG4? Language forum warns of 'slippery slope' after ruling Gardaí able to print drink-drive results in Irish but did not do so New laws close drink-drive prosecutions loophole Drink-drive cases at risk over Irish language ruling Cu math Ginger! Hearing dog shines in Gaelic class 1M people sign up to learn Irish on DuoLingo in just one year RTE reveals new scheme to promote Irish language North-South differences in use of Irish language revealed We feel positive about Irish language - but don't use it Working it out: Tongue-tied in our native language Fun new way to enjoy Irish language gathering momentum Irish on last legs as living language If we really value Irish then we have to work harder to protect it Cúpla focal is in danger of falling totally silent Department of Education 'failed to fulfil Irish language obligations' Only meaningful action will save the Irish language Irish language scheme launched The decade the Gaeltacht died? State bodies warned on Irish language Want to save Irish? Stop forcing it onto school children


Public sector 'doesn't have enough Irish speakers' Doing down the Irish language? Sure, that's crazy talk Gaeltacht Minister's crash course in Irish language pays off Valentia's answer to Peig Sayers Thousands protest for better recognition of the Irish language Siobhan Seoighe: I'll walk to protect what few language rights I have as an Irish citizen New Irish language commissioner named Ronan O'Domhnaill is new Irish Language Commissioner


Award-winning 'graphic novel' in Irish depicting the life of legendary pirate queen Grainne Mhaol Irish language plans All aboard for the Gaeilgeoir grenadiers... Ian O'Doherty: What's the Irish for 'do not resuscitate'? Carol Hunt: If you want the Irish for strawberry, google it Language chief quits over lack of Irish in civil service Resignation of Irish Language Commissioner Seán Ó Cuirreáin Irish placenames cause confusion With the right programme, teachers can make learning Irish a pleasure Watch out Béarla, it's the Stepaside Gaeltacht Green light for plan to make road signs 'more Irish' SERIOUS weaknesses have been found in the teaching of Irish and maths in schools School inspectors find weakness in teaching of Irish and maths State criticised for civil service Gaeilge U-turn 'Serious' lack of Irish translators in the EU Parliament The last place you'd expect a cupla focal Summer Lovin': How we fell in love with the Gaeltacht It's pointless keeping Irish on this sentimental life support Junior Cert Irish: Social media references not a hit with everyone Bilingual signs put town back on the map Irish language schools targeted over restrictive entrance rules The cupla focal and pious drivel that keeps Irish artificially alive

Force told to carry cards with phrases as Gaeilge Rugby star Luke lends his voice to Irish call All about my mother tongue – one man's struggle to keep the Irish language alive Attack on Irish What did you say the Irish was for rubbish?


Conchur O Giollagain: Why Irish language may soon be a Celtic myth Letter: We can't afford to fund Gaeilge Students shun Gaeltacht trips Major reform at RTE to cut costs includes consolidating Irish services Letter: Lie accusation is crass and foolish Letter:We Irish opted for a whopper Dunne to stay in ring with Irish Declan Lynch: Overwhelmingly, we Irish prefer the lie Colum Kenny: Travellers thrive but cupla focal in decline Number claiming they speak Irish reaches 1.7 million Court strikes out challenge over lack of Irish translation Cupla focal from Ross gives bear big boost Answer to 'Letter of the Day' (March 12) Letter:Why Irish must not go the way of the white rhino Concubhar O Liathain: Irish is spreading like a sexually transmitted disease Letter: Irish solution Letter: Tongue lashing Irish solutions to an Irish problem Ex-boxer Dunne fights for Irish Des tells of surprise at 'as Gaeilge' tweet anger Make the leap beyond a cupla focal Letter: TG4 Irish hard to understand Letter:Irish not dead US soldier who learned Irish on the internet is set for TG4 Finally -- even stocious loopers will be able to natter as Gaeilge


Irish language project beats target Cupla focal goes hi-tech with 'app' for children Letter:The Irish question Choice on Irish Letter: A bit Irish FG's unspeakable U-turn on our national language MLA warns of Liofa project risk How a little Gaeltacht effort goes a long way Police sign up for Irish lessons Sports stars targeted in Irish push Letter: Irish speakers are here to stay

Irish Language Act to be revived Letter:Direct method is the best way to teach Irish Teach Irish as a foreign language - because it is one Why forcing Irish on all makes most of us gag Language chief suggests splitting Irish into two Letter: Irish is indeed alive, Mr Myers Letter:Put simply, Irish is not first tongue Letter:Go raibh maith agat, Mr Myers Letter:Never heard Irish in everyday life Kevin Myers: Let's debunk the myth of Irish... Letter:There's room for both languages Declan Lynch: Paddy partakes in his own deception Letter:All-Irish debate credit to schooling TG4 breaks more than language barrier in TV debate Letter:Gaeilgeoirí need to use heads, not hearts Demise of Irish a sad reflection on education Letter:TG4 debate - writing on the wall for Irish Kenny comes under pressure over Irish policy in historic debate 'as Gaeilge' Irish language policy will cost us votes Letter:Leaving the last word to the wise Sinn Fein supports native language Sinn Fein pledge to support the Irish language Crisis in Irish extends to Gaeltacht Letter:Learning Irish is a right to treasure Students oppose Irish language plan Letter:Ashamed of FG’s policy on Irish FG policy will kill off the Irish language -- Martin Irish: if we really care about it, let's stop the pretence Fine Gael's optional Irish plan gets 'no' vote Letter:Irish should not be a burden for us all Scrap maths too if Irish is useless Celebs' grá for the language Enda the road for the cúpla focal? FG policy on Irish language will be divisive Kenny vows to make Irish optional Cost of preserving Irish in the EU Letter: Taxpayers' money lost on translation Letter:Please show respect for our language Main parties differ on their education policies A cynical attack on our language Fears for integrity of Irish exam as students get preview Irish taught well in only 50pc of schools Language activists blast FG's plan to make Irish optional DUP vows to block bilingual signs


Irish tongue is a real mouthful for Chinese students Vow to triple our Irish speakers Bi-lingual move can be Irish solution to minor problem Irish being 'dumbed down' in new exam TV3 must break language barrier Mobiles ring changes for oral Irish exam Dial-a-lesson: how the new system operates SF to continue language campaign Walsh urges halving Irish language budget Irish colleges losing pupils Gaeltacht spokesman 'only has cupla focal' Irish-medium schools funding row Irish language schools needed Letter:We'd speak Irish if we wanted to Irish language media is alive and well Time to get real on Irish language Letter:Irish summer colleges Letter:Immersion gives results Letter:Without demand courses would die Gaeltacht camps Probe as more pupils shun Irish Reel 'em in DVD to boost the Irish language State officials 'threaten survival of Irish language' Bodies attacked on Irish breaches Gaelgeoirs are the elite -- but thousands are saying 'Ní hea' ExamBrief 2010: Irish £20m pledged for Irish language Chinese university to teach Irish In my opinion: Irish must come first in our country's gaelscoils 'Virtual lab' helps Irish students Scrapping NUI will hurt the Irish language, O'Keeffe told


Irish language groups reach France €1m language project aims to boost 'cultural tourism' Government 'wastes' €1m on translations into Irish 2009's best TV has taught us to mind our language Irish-language paper goes national First official language farce sees funds wasted on futile gestures State pays €1.8m to translate reports into Irish Technology can save language Soaring numbers of pupils give up on Irish Shortage of Irish translators leaves State with €1.5m bill Parents agree to compromise in Irish language row Teachers happy but cupla focal from Des cause a stir Ruaille buaille in the name of the fada Why a cupla focal is music to my ears Put emphasis on Irish language Experts savage State policy on teaching Irish State pays €700,000 to teach Irish in colleges overseas 'Cupla focal' go online by popular demand RiRa digital for 'Seachtain' 'An cupla focal' now a dying breed Irish language is far from dead Jobs boost for gaelgeoirs if Lisbon succeeds Mobile service will help to embrace the joy of teacs Woman demands parking ticket as Gaeilge Letter: Get rid of the Irish language television station TG4 Mobile service will help to embrace the joy of teacs Letter:Irish language aid must stop Letter:Teacher wrong on decline of Irish An bhFuil Cead Agam?Monday, RTE1, 7.30pm 'Bainisteoir' gets lost in translation RTE needs to use more Gaeilge State pays €700,000 to teach Irish in colleges overseas Letter:Put emphasis on Irish language Letter:Irish should take back seat


Gaeltacht suburbs future of Irish language -- O Cuiv Letter: Fine Gael can save an Ghaeilge Letter: Pull the plug on Irish language Letter: Irish language is very much alive Letter:We don't need to boost Irish Letter:We need to get a real identity Letter:Language in good hands Letter:Language needs to be spoken Minister backs 'total immersion' teaching Less than a quarter of schools provide Junior Cert oral Irish Letter: Can't put a price on our language Letter: Come on, at least learn a little Irish Adams says Language Act is key to power-sharing Cooperation vital for growth of Irish Enrolled and ready to learn in a naíonra Naíonraí Irish falls further down the Leaving Cert table Scríobh Leabhar project SF 'wins concession on Irish language funding' Abolishing Irish rule 'won't close gender gap' in teaching Increasing numbers of students turn backs on Irish 8,000 pupils compose books 'as Gaeilge' The Irish language in the EU Dail cub scouts in class of their own when speaking 'as Gaeilge' Gaelscoileanna forced to turn students away No firm grasp of Irish language Respect all rights Xenophobic Irish 'lovers' a turn-off in any language Total immersion is critical if Irish is to be rescued O Cuiv calls for 250,000 Irish speakers to save language Grabby the alien set to give kids a grá for Gaeilge on RTE show Gaeltacht revamp could cut 'population in half' The number of children getting an exemption from Irish Letter: Irish opt-outs not a frivolous choice Irish language opt-outs soar New Yorker Des to perform stand-up comedy show as Gaeilge Ag Caint with Sharon Ní Bheoláin You can't cram Irish or other languages Abandonment of an Ghaeilge on Aer Lingus flights from Belfast to London Aer Lingus language row Ná caith tobac: Cigarette warnings to appear in Irish too Hanafin criticised for her language row stance Petition launched to resolve 'education through Irish' row Bringing the cupla focal to Uncle Sam


Hanafin faces row over new English directive EU looking for Irish speaking law graduates Language board's expenses rocket Irish row school can't give names to minister Irish should look to Hebrew revival Cutbacks threat to Irish language schools Lip service can't save Irish Irish important in the courts A new book claims that modern-day American slang is derived from the Irish spoken by our poor emigrants. The persistent neglect of Irish will lead to its eventual demise Compulsory Irish rule to be lifted for lawyers why be up in arms over the decision to end total immersion in Irish in our gaelscoileanna €700,000 paid every year to families with cupla focal gaelscoil supporters mount protest outside dail difficulties recruiting translators to rewrite key EU legislation into Irish O'Cuiv policy on Irish has led to 'fewer speakers' Cabinet to tackle Irish question Members furious as language board is scrapped Colaiste Ide in Dingle Britain failing to protect rights of Irish speakers in NI Students angry at all-Irish demand Infants need early Irish immersion We have a duty to keep Irish alive School's out - for non-Irish speakers Most who can - don't talk Irish Irish language 'glue' for our new nation illiteracy-shames-us-in-whatever-language Film as Gaeilge bids for Oscar No problem with an Irish address Irish Language Act for the North Gaeilge Le Chéile changes Kings of Kilburn take the Hollywood road Udaras report shows good year for Gaeltacht DUP vows to block added rights for Irish speakers Irish schools forced to teach English despite big outcry BIG BALL... small ball: Tá an usage of our mother tongue an embarrassing ar fad Local Uncle Toms would rejoice at the tragic death of our native tongue Spoken Irish to die out in next 20 years, new report predicts Summer camps will help children speak Irish - Hanafin €3.6m push to promote Irish Learning the language . . . but hardly any native speakers go to Gaelgoir pre-schools Daingean to stay - language group Dingle name change is left dangling Newcomers boost Irish Aifric as Gaeilge gets teens back to drama school Immigrants help language The threat to language Learn Irish with Liam O Maonlai Going native is once more the language plan Top of Gaeilge class for business awards DUP to veto Irish language act in north Gaelscoileanna shouldn't be allowed teach English - Conradh na Gaeilge Gaelscoil revolts against Hanafin's language ruling Gaelscoil outrage over new language ruling by Hanafin Chance to find fame as Gaeilge The cupla focal's conquest Cambridge bids a Cead Mile Failte to Irish classes English football and the Irish language Students back Gaeltacht plan Dingle-bound tourists puzzled by name change Guide on childrens' safety not translated into Irish Radio na Gaeltachta could be next to fly the coup? Higher marks for spoken Irish in new exam changes Hotshot cops making a case for cupla focal Parents of Gaelscoil children 'are snobs' New boost for spoken Irish IRISH IN SCHOOLS WHY ENGLISH IS JUST SO OVER! Roche appeals to O Cuiv in Dingle name controversy Students join call for Irish syllabus reform Irish as an EU language As Gaeilge in Brussels Historic day for the EU . . . as gaeilge Minister to speak as gaeilge - and that's official Boulevard of our broken Irish dreams


Fan noimead, we are trying to connect you Conradh na Gaeilge website is as Bearla Apologetic minister submits to 'get it both ways' in Dingle row New services in Irish for bank customers No compulsory resuscitation can ever revive Irish THE STATION THAT MADE THE CRITICS EAT THEIR WORDS Dingle so good they may name it twice Loss of Irish is a tragedy Speakers of Irish 'may sue' over lost promotions Why, for Generation Peig, Irish will never be sexy Big hike in all-Irish schools as Gaeilge becomes trendy Dictionary now on call for Gaeltacht patients, doctors Gaeilge is not lost in translation Dingle/Daingean


No sale . . . costly council plans in Irish are a flop


Irish installed as one of the EU's working languages will cost millions of wasted euros Irish as an EU language


Irish and foreign languages to be compulsory in schools