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Postal services and the Irish language ‘Disparity’ in North between Gaeilge and Ulster Scots - DUP Death knell tolling for Irish as community language – expert Island education: ‘Once there was a stigma, now everyone wants to be an islander’ Action not words needed to save Irish, say native speakers Irish language is far from dead, linguist claims Rise in numbers getting honours Irish Warning on danger to future of Irish language Letter: New deal for the Gaeltacht Irish in crisis – we need a New Deal to revitalise the language ‘Serious challenges facing the Irish language in the Gaeltacht’ The mini-revival of the Irish language Our first language now languishes somewhere between salsa dancing and Ultimate Frisbee Gaeltacht Committee wants Irish promoted ‘more effectively’ “Don’t allow Irish to become a political tool” – Catalan Ombudsman


Seol teachtaireacht - Gmail now available as Gaeilge Early exposure to English is damaging the standard of Irish among Gaeltacht young The Yes Woman: a second chance for the Irish language ‘Why can’t we speak Irish?’ Revenue failed in bilingual duty An Irishwoman’s Diary on ‘Gaeltacht-sur-Seine’ Letters: The sweet sound of Irish Letters: The sweet sound of Irish Letters: The sweet sound of Irish Letters: The Minister and the language The Irish language is not part of us – it has to be learned European Parliament website available in Irish To Be Honest... a parent writes: The way Irish is taught makes learning it a misery ‘European Parliament must end second-class status of Irish language’ Government reversal follows ‘strong public support’ for Coimisinéir Teanga Office of Coimisinéir Teanga to remain independent Letter: Irish and "language snobs" Irish-language comedy club for Dublin There is a new commissioner in town Why minding our language is a priority Irish: A language for all speakers President appoints new Coimisinéir Teanga Leaked document shows reversal of Irish language obligations State services through Irish ‘must be guaranteed’ by 2016 Letter: Irish language under threat Letter: Irish language under threat Sounds of Irish accord much better than sounds of English with those used in Continental languages Letter: Irish language under threat Why are Irish language groups protesting? Letter: Irish language under threat Education: How did we get the teaching of Irish so wrong? Irish language ‘being driven to margins of society’


Garda praised for use of Irish Government ‘worst since foundation of State’ for supporting Irish Fudge, farce and falsehood Ruairí Quinn rejects claims that Irish language services have been damaged Crisis in Irish-speaking community following resignation, warn activists Commissioner resigns over Government failures on Irish Irish is the 14th largest of 23 official EU languages, Dáil told New road signs with parity for Irish may be introduced So many quangos, so little Irish - 1 So many quangos, so little Irish - 2 So many quangos, so little Irish - 3 Cruinniú na gcoimisinéirí le dúshláin teangacha a phlé Returned to senders: Mayo council declines cheques written in Irish Let's not lose our native tongue in outer space Road signs put Dingle back on the map Irish spoken nine times at EU meetings


Most people say they can speak some Irish Letter by Gerry Adams: Speaking Irish in the Dáil A new era for culture as Gaeilge Ombudsman not consulted on Irish commissioner role Opposition's Gaeltacht Bill walkout welcomed Opposition walks out in protest at guillotining of debate on Gaeltacht Bill Gaeltacht Bill prompts Dáil walkout “Final opportunity” to save Irish from extinction Concern raised at Gaeltacht Bill being 'pushed through' Letter: Saving the Gaeltacht Flawed Gaeltacht Bill in need of brave revision Foras na Gaeilge ditches funding plan Irish language media make a Rí-Rá about going online Gaeltacht Bill to trigger status change Changes to Gaeltacht areas proposed Irish language bodies welcome report On an unjust Irish oral examination 1936 archives: Various bodies object to infants being taught through Irish Teanga agus trioblóidí Babaí steps to promote Irish language Irish language legislation 'in crisis' Negative reaction to Irish report Waiting for Beckett with Irish in Focus A victim of the unfair anomaly in Leaving Cert oral Irish Quinn questions school emphasis on Irish, religion Number of Irish speakers up by 7.1% Census finds 7.1% rise in Irish speakers Feisirí Gaelacha Letter: A taste for Irish on the double Letter: Stuck in Lá Groundhog Letter: Stuck in Lá Groundhog Irish spoken in some areas for 'first time since Famine' Bilingual approach 'destroys' Gaeltacht Irish Letter: Stuck in Lá Groundhog? Letter : Stuck in Lá Groundhog? Irish language endangered by austerity measures What's the Irish for 'leave those kids alone'? RTÉ boxes clever with Irish language television series Irish language social network launched YFG proposal on Irish criticised Bonus points for Irish Language chief calls for spirit of co-operation Cabinet approves Gaeltacht Bill plan Bonus points for Irish? That's bogus Spellbound text in old Irish finally yields to translation Irish language groups criticise new funding model based on tenders Letter: Opposition to Irish language merger Can TG4 recapture some good feeling about Irish?


Language experts question merger Irish language bodies criticise merger Closure of commissioner's office condemned Dingle name change proves costly 'Wasted hours' on learning Irish Festival lifts Gaelic identity across threshold of the dark Pól Ó Muirí Eagarthóir Gaeilge's letter: Rún tionóil Seven presidential candidates sing from same as Gaeilge hymn sheet Minister must demand better return on Irish language spend Irish language pack for schools stresses rights Letter: Líofa sa Tuaisceart Ervine relative speaks up for Irish Gaeltacht study grants for 20 US citizens Irish translation 'extravagance'? (letter) Irish translation 'extravagance'? (letter) Irish translation 'extravagance' (letter) State bodies reported over failures on Irish An bhfuil teorainn ar bith le síorleathnú an Bhéarla? Adams calls for Irish unity plan Irish language theatre - is it time to stage a revival? Gaeltacht body to retain core role Níl aon cheist ach gur féidir linn ach an cuma linn? An Ghaeilge sa Dáil President gave Queen 'speake Iryshe' book written for Elizabeth I Minister wants modern method for Irish Irish in danger of dying out in Gaeltacht shortly, says FG Montreal's love of all things Irish Debate over choice of religious education could be informed by teaching of Irish Letter pupil / teacher ration in Gaelscoileanna Call for separate Irish language and literature courses Fry's full Irish on 'Ros na Rún' puts the rest of us to shame Plan for optional Leaving Cert Irish (letter) Plan for optional Leaving Cert Irish (letter) Plan for optional Irish in Leaving Cert Downgrading Irish 'an act of cultural vandalism' Keeping Irish as a core subject Irish language: not just a Gaeltacht issue 'It's still there, but barely alive' Keeping Irish as a core Leaving Cert subject Fluency of party leaders found in translation Fine Gael's crude Irish language policy would undo decades of good work Keeping Irish as a core subject (letter) SF attacks FG language proposal Silent protest: students oppose Irish language proposal Ó bhéal leanaí imirceach FG and Irish language teaching reform (letter) Protest over FG language strategy Future of Irish to be made key issue for election Making Irish an option (letter) Different Fine Gael views on Irish in exam Enda Kenny’s Irish-language “initiative” (letter) Loss of Irish damaged confidence, book claims Údarás na Gaeltachta created 700 full-time jobs in 2010 Languages policy and teacher training: end compulsary Irish and church control Irish film offer you can’t refuse Increasing Irish speakers


The aim to increase the number of daily speakers to 250,000 requires unrealistic rates of increase Letter:Irish on the treble Plan could treble number speaking Irish, says Cowen Cén fáth nach bhfuil guth na Gaeilge le clos? Bid to treble number of Irish speakers Call for “positive discrimination” in recruitment to the public service Word play as Gaeilge: Irish Scrabble now available Language plans said to be the 'most significant in 90 years' Maintaining the Irish language commentary on minor finals by TV3 SF motion to force language strategy Gaeltacht areas will 'disappear' over cuts Linguist made study of Irish compulsory at Polish university Letter: New Irish subject rejected Leaving Cert Irish syllabus criticised Call for new Irish subject rejected Letter:Impact of Gaeltacht cuts Four Irish schools set to open in North Údarás has key role in Gaeltacht, says committee Fine Gael agus Gaeilge Funding approved for NI schools Minister criticises media over stance on Irish language issue June 25th, 1924: Compulsory Irish 'morally indefensible and unjust' Number taking Leaving Cert Irish at record low level Status of Irish in schools Rise in complaints at service through Irish Complaints to Coimisinéir Teanga up 34 years compiling an Irish dictionary - and not yet at 'B' TG4 launches new online service to give Irish programmes a global reach The Irish edge in the ratings war Publication of law book in Irish welcomed Entry test 'unfair' to Irish speakers Scrabble as Gaeilge available for junior wordplay devotees NI Court of Appeal urged to overturn 270-year-old ban on Irish Calls to restore Mass as Gaeilge on radio Second term for Coimisinéir Teanga Site aims to help students improve Irish Living the Irish language Call to keep Údarás na Gaeltachta Groups air views on language plan Tá rud éigin speisialta fút - élite na Gaeilge


RTÉ policy struck 'chord' with taoiseach Drastic steps needed to save native-spoken Irish Department seeks increase in Irish speakers to 250,000 Strategy plan for Irish published Inspectors raise concerns over unqualified teaching of Irish Irish language strategy in final stages -Cowen Plans for community cuts withheld Use of Irish very low in courts Letter: Official translations Common sense lost in translation and a streetwise stock investor Zero sales of costly reports in Irish A dóthain deacrachtaí le sárú ag an teanga - Gilmore Conradh na Gaeilge criticises report Buaicphointe Chonradh na Gaeilge 100 bliain ó shin Reading and writing in Irish Cuts would spell end for colleges, says group Gaeltacht language schools warn of fees rise Online translation has Google as Gaeilge Google to translate 'as Gaeilge' Deireadh le hathbheochan teanga mar thionscnamh náisiúnta Demise of 'Foinse' Action over school's all-Irish policy Closure of 'Foinse' Deireadh Foinse Dingle committee seeks reinstatement of name 10 jobs lost as 'Fóinse' ceases publication Census data available:peaks and troughs of Irish language Ó Cuív asked about 'Foinse' problems 'Foinse' seeks cash injection to survive Junior Cert Irish Paper 1 Rannóg an Aistriúcháin North's policing board holds meeting in Irish ON THE IRISH LANGUAGE Government to run second translation unit Complaints over services through Irish Radio for Primary School Children as Gaeilge 93% favourable towards Irish 'Conas a chinntiú go mbeidh an teanga á húsáid níos mó?' SEOSAMH MISTÉAL, co-founder of the country's only urban Gaeltacht Irish centres abroad Scholarships in the Irish language between Ireland and Canada linguistic challenge in a 1901 Commons debate Tá deireadh le Coirnis de réir na Náisiún Aontaithe Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge (European Certificate in Irish) Sinn Féin: "Now is the time for another great national revival of our language" Much work to do in regard to the use of languages such as Irish, Welsh and Scots Gaelic Mise Eire Two radio stations breached contract on programming Less than 0.5% of traffic to State websites through Irish 50 Irish-language jobs in EU bodies Predictive texting 'as Gaeilge' now available Gaelchultúr ag easpórtáil na teanga go cathracha Mheiriceá Language group backs EU car tag change


Ban on Irish in North's courts tested IRISH AS it was spoken in the wake of the Famine Language Act key to Assembly future - Adams Tocco has a built-in Irish- language dictionary for texting Challenge of translation to be focus of Douglas Hyde Conference Report urges all-Ireland approach to teaching Irish SHEILA MCALEER :A woman steeped in Gaelic heritage of mid-Tyrone We've got the cúpla focal, so why don't we use them? Website may end squabbling about Irish placenames New website offers guide to Irish place names Sinn Féin-DUP power struggle The annual Michael Hartnett Poetry Award is looking for submissions in Irish Mangling the language NOLLAIG Ó Gadhra, Inspiring advocate for the language movement and rights of Irish speakers Ó Cuív welcomes 'Éire' on new FAI jerseys What's in a name? Letter: Mangling the language Adams says Dublin and London may have to intervene Tory festival Irish placenames DUP refuses to budge on Irish language Act Sign up for life classes (Irish language in Glencolmcille, Co Donegal) More SF and DUP tensions as Brown provides £6m for Irish broadcasting UK pledges €7.6m to Irish language 'The best Irish paper in 20 years' Samsung offers as Gaeilge option Samsung unveils Irish-language phone Irish and the education system Carlsberg awarded for ad as Gaeilge Letter: State services in Irish Letter: State services in Irish Letter:'Wretched' state of Irish in schools Letter:'Wretched' state of Irish in schools Beathaisnéis a Naoi: Forlíonadh agus Innéacsanna Máire Ní Mhurchú and Diarmuid Breathnach Letter:'Wretched' state of Irish in schools Mr Cowen stressed the importance of the Irish language Cowen seems set to take the first language beyond cúpla focal Prof Jim Browne, the new president of NUI Galway (Irish a necessity for the position) Letter:'Wretched' state of Irish in schools Gormley moves to resolve Dingle placename dispute Letter:'Wretched' level of Irish in schools Letter:'Wretched' level of Irish in schools Dingle nurses seek bonus for using Irish Challenge to NI language law allowed Festival of Celtic media aims to promote the languages of Celtic countries Importance of a healthy native tongue ORAL Irish exam was on in the Dáil Irish language watchdog obstructed Report criticises Irish language services How partition helped the mother tongue O'Cuiv hails demand for Irish teachers Cabinet Irish language group to meet Irish survival 'needs 250,000 speakers' Letter: Ó Searcaigh as Gaeilge Letter:Ó Searcaigh as Gaeilge Údarás plans Pearse visitor facility Irish in primary schools:lack of age-appropriate, modern and interesting resources View of the state of the State The plot to make Irish an alien language Broken syntax identity of a nation tongue-tied by Irish How Gaeilge got its groove back Irish speakers in the census Decision by Sinn Fein to name a new Irish language group after a murdered IRA man Irish translation sought in criminal trial


Major upgrade of Irish studies at UCD Lawyers back Bill to reform Irish language requirements Bill planned to end mandatory Irish exam for lawyers TG4 to get 15% increase in funding 'Total immersion' in Irish Use of Irish in Brussels urged RTÉ Nuacht to move to Galway Maith thú, a Aire Ó Cuív Dáil protest over Irish language move Making Irish user-friendly Irish speakers 'discriminated against' Gaelscoileanna campaign to save language strategy Irish translation costs get 'undue attention' War of words over the Irish language Word is out about McGuinness says political old guard won't accept new realities Tobar le trá i gceann scór bliain Ó Cuív books board move attacked Rapping it up sean-nós style Irish exam for lawyers opposed Decision by DUP Culture Minister Edwin Poots not to proceed with an Irish language Bill. Ó Cuív urges move on NI language act SF and SDLP confident of language Bill 'Official' Irish and the EU North minister rules out Irish language act Students protest over all-Irish rule State defends 'local needs' planning rules to avert EU action Brush up on your Gaeilge, EU warns Government Teaching English in gaelscoileanna Poetic ties between island nations Irish language debate turns heated Béarla briste gan bhrí Row over use of Irish at Stormont Immigrants and Irish language English will not be required in North's Gaelscoileanna Census reveals only 4% of Irish speakers use language daily Use of spoken Irish declines - CSO Irish as a school subject Minister ends use of translations in Irish by department Creating new Gaeltachtaí More Dáil Irish sought Díospóireacht chéanna ar feadh 60 bliain Committed Irish language enthusiast and co-founder of Gael LinnRiobard Mac Góráin: 'Quiet hero' of Irish language movement dies The newly crowned 'Kings' Paisley to block Irish Language Act Language development Giving America cúpla focal Doubt cast over North language act Group rejects Healy-Rae claim on Dingle name Tagann ciall, agus ceannach cairr, le haois Abolition of Old Irish at UCD Old Irish at UCD These are exciting times for Irish language studies Official status for Irish: Commissioner expresses concern Businesses using Irish win awards Brennan announces language scheme Na páirtithe fós ar lorg vóta na Gaeilge Downgrading of Old Irish DUP 'will veto Irish language act' Sinn Féin:The party launched its manifesto for the Irish language. SF seeks Irish development plan Stateside advocates of Irish studies shocked at UCD decision University of Cambridge to offer course in modern Irish Teaching of old Irish at UCD Cambridge to teach modern Irish Teaching of old Irish at UCD Celtic Tiger could hurt our heritage more than Cromwell The rise of the gaelscoil - is this the new playground of the elite? Gaelscoileanna Irish speakers in census Downgrading of Old Irish at UCD Ceachtanna le foghlaim as cás na hAlban New Website for Adult Learners of Irish Delegates urge fast-track planning for schools and more emphasis on Irish Downgrading of Old Irish at UCD Slang and the art of Oirishness The Irish induction Call for British to develop Irish language policy Downgrading of early and medieval Irish at UCD Leaving Cert Irish-changes targets oral skills Irish at home in Canada R na G criticised for ending news show Call for more training in Irish for teachers Call for reform of Irish curriculum Students promote emblem for speakers of Irish Gaeltacht village plan scrapped due to lack of Irish First Gaeltacht abroad planned for Canada Famous first words: Gaeilge makes its EU debut - 'Is mór an onóir dom labhairt i mo theanga dúchais anseo tráthnóna inniu' Oifigeach Teanga le ceapadh An answer to Manchán Magan's brilliant, culture-consciousness- raising article "Where are all the Irish speakers?" Answer to article by Manchán Magan "Where are all the Irish speakers?" Answer to article by Manchán Magan "Where are all the Irish speakers?" article by Manchán Magan "Where are all the Irish speakers?" Brian Friel's "Translations" Irish official EU language


Considerable numbers learning Irish in 2006 Irish as a political football letter on GOVERNMENT STRATEGY ON IRISH Bilingual aim in new Irish language strategy Irish language policy statement due Answer to : COMPULSION AND THE USE OF IRISH Letter : COMPULSION AND THE USE OF IRISH Letter on REGULATIONS ON THE USE OF IRISH Council to recognise Dingle placename Contrite O Cuiv bows to wishes of townspeople over Dingle Make Irish a gift, not a threat Gaelic hits take on pop culture Advisers urge reform of Irish at Leaving Cert 10 years on, TG4 has put Irish back into our cultural life How exemptions from Leaving Certificate Irish might affect student 10 years, TG4 Letter: GAELTACHT PLACENAME DISPUTE Around the world for Lazarus Manchan in Peru TG4 Counting today in Daingean poll Concerns raised over An Daingean placename ballot Town's residents to give verdict on Dingle or An Daingean An Irishman's Diary :thoughts on TG4 and more Seán Ó Tuama, scholar and poet, dies at 80 An Taisce opposes business park plan for Kerry Council urged to act on road signs Belfast gets a 'Gaeltacht' quarter Unconscious racism at the heart of conventional Celtic wisdom Ballot includes 160 not living in An Daingean We Irish may not be descended from the Celts Letter: IRISH TEST FOR LAWYERS The bean an tí rules the Gaeltacht Compulsory Irish test for lawyers should be removed Celtic invasion is pure mythology Gaeltacht housing and language rules are relaxed Letter on TRANSLATION SERVICES IN IRISH How hatred of the Irish language turned to love 54 Irish language translators listed Gaeilge goes global Non-national Irish speakers tell of their interest in the language Higgins critical of plan for 'Éire Ireland' plates An Irishman's Diary plan for 'Éire Ireland' plates Irish language charter out today Request for 'Éire Ireland' to be used at EU meetings New Irish may save language Strong interest in Irish translation jobs in EU Summer school which is dedicated to celebrating our two great traditions O Cuiv calls for review of Gaeltacht planning Cairt Teanga Date set for plebiscite on renaming An Daingean Planning body rejects Gaeltacht housing scheme Leaving Certificate Irish We never have to speak a word of Irish again Independent status for TG4 to be considered Galway students generally happy with Junior and Leaving Irish papers Junior Certificate Irish Leaving Certificate Irish/higher level Pupils in Gaeltacht schools lack basic Irish Concerns raised in relation to housing development in Gaeltacht village of Furbo Board rejects plan for holiday homes Letter:IRISH WORDS FOR IRISH RAIN Conradh agus Fine Gael ag dul chun doirne Academics criticise lack of definitive Gaeltacht map EU seeks 30 Irish language translators Letter:IRISH-LANGUAGE PLACENAMES ORDER Letter:IMMIGRANTS AND IRISH IMMIGRANTS AND IRISH, a reader's letter Raidió na Life 106.4FM FG 'wrong' to back provisions of languages Act Ó Cuív defends law on translating Irish translations gather dust after costing council €30,000 Flogging a dead language When English is compulsory from an early age, does writing in Irish make much sense? NUI Galway to remove bias towards fluent Irish speakers IRISH LANGUAGE AT NUI GALWAY New approach to teaching can preserve Irish


Gaeltacht planning laws Deaf people want Irish sign language to be recognised 'Deis iontach' caillte ag Mary Hanafin Can we find an Irish solution to the Irish problem Choice of Leaving Cert. subjects letter: Irish and illiteracy Gaeltacht agency reaches a crossroad Letter: Enda Kenny on teaching Irish Road signs go Irish in Gaeltacht Planners warned over Irish language conditions Pól 'Báinin' Ó Foighil: Pól Ó Foighil was a tireless activist for Irish Enda Kenny's views on Irish language Ó Cuív rejects claims Irish language is dying The Irish language Gaeltacht restrictions 'are offensive' Call for review into how Irish is taught letter: NEED TO REVIEW TEACHING OF IRISH Irish steps closer to becoming an official language of EU Translation of Irish books into other languages Ireland's Oriental and Maritime Heritage Residents object to Spiddal complex plans Letter: AN GARDA AGUS AN GHAEILGE Irish literature translation database Priest complained Irish not spoken by gardaí