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Irish language has right to use in officialdom People in North ‘prouder’ to use Irish language Indifference will mean extinction - What future for Irish language? Drink-drive controversy has nothing to do with languages act VICTORIA WHITE: The Official Languages Act will only serve to kill the language itself Turning the tide - Rejuvenating the Irish language Irish language declining faster than thought Decline of Irish as spoken language 'worse than previously thought' Commissioner questions Government efforts on Irish language promotion Why can’t we speak our native language? VICTORIA WHITE: It’s the end of the road: the Irish language is coming to a full stop


Nothing wrong with Irish as EU language Letter: Imperative that we support our language EU respects Irish language more than our leaders do Tá language barrier agam Twenty-one apply for Irish language commissioner role Letter: Normalise our native language, or lose it ‘Irish language policy risks being seen as a sham’


Letter:Will unofficial policy silence Irish forever? Letter: Irish is our bridge to Europe Archive reveals unique voices Letter: Seán Ó Curreáin, tireless worker for the Irish language Letter: Irish language efforts hard to sustain Letter: Irish language policy is deluded Letter: Irish language law was ‘doomed from start’ The surprising people speaking up for Irish Nothing wrong with Irish as EU language Letter: Irish deserves strong support The Irish language - Throwing good money after bad? Still no website as gaeilge at EU parliament College promotes online learning as Gaeilge


Letter: Gaeltacht Bill is ‘woefully deficient’ Letter: Splitting Irish course would help language Cuts will shut 19 Irish-language bodies Concern over ‘alarming drop’ in Gaeltacht’s native speakers Move threatens ‘to kill off Irish language organisations’ Letter: Weakening our language an act of vandalism Letter: Downgrading Irish wrong option Our language strategy is leaving us at a loss for the right words


4,300 pupils took oral Irish despite ban Two State bodies reported over Irish language breaches Place name peace process aims to settle Dingle/An Daingean dispute Fine Gael Leaving Cert policy puts the future of Irish at risk Martin: Fine Gael policy would lead to extinction of Irish language Fast-footed Enda sends alarm bells ringing Silent protest over FG Irish language policy Language divide Hanafin: FG policy puts Gaeilge in danger On the abolition of Irish as a compulsory language for the Leaving Cert Bring Irish back to its roots Letter:voicing concern with regard to the consequences of making Irish the first language of the State


Speaking Irish - A language in jeopardy (Dec) Strategy aims for 250,000 people to speak Irish daily (Dec) Sinn Féin vows to continue Irish-language campaign language disappears from buses Lucrative EU jobs beckon graduates End compulsory Irish, says FG, as 14,000 drop subject


Translating plans into Irish is preferable to golden handshakes No takers for Irish version of council plan that cost €30k Award for efforts as Gaeilge O Cuiv’s outrageous misuse of public funds Ó Cuiv’s language grant better spent elsewhere Irish language at ‘highest usage since Famine’ Time to commit to Gaelscoil movement Leaving Cert changes: Oral to be worth 40% in Irish


Efforts to solve school dispute over strict language policy Postcodes anger language group Almost 25% of primary teachers deficient in Irish Most Junior Cert students not taught enough Gaeilge Lack of male primary teachers: Irish language rule not to blame The Lisbon Treaty referendum: wrong wording in Irish Report criticises language body’s practices Letter: Hurling commentary in English, French tennis in Irish Jeweller gets Irish language award Letter: Language policy critic hits the wrong target Letter: Hebrew lesson Search for identity leads to language resurgence Gormley: Irish place names in Gaeltacht still favoured Letter: FG complacent on Irish language policy Joy as city’s first All-Irish secondary school is opened Gaeilge in Europe: a few selective facts fail to tell real story Irish in Europe - Language needs help to survive The Celtic Irish, or are we? Study calls for lingo link-up with Ireland


Teach Irish for the beauty of it and scrap useless print translations Survey of school’s Irish policy delayed Former IRA man appointed to Foras na Gaeilge Language and law: case for the defence of Irish Irish-only schools not opposed to English All-Irish policy survey still not started Hanafin will not reconsider Gaelscoil decision Language issue Gaelscoil parents reject minister’s English directive Gaelscoileanna granted injunction against minister Deasy: State translation policy a blatant waste of money Unfair dismissal of Irish language documents Irish spoken at EU — but no one around to translate Translating reports - Requirement sees money thrown away Councils count cost of Irish translations nobody reads Hanafin intercedes in school’s controversial language policy Vicious and inaccurate attack on language Polls show majority support Irish as a core subject Mná tí asked to back school in all-Irish row Colonial attitude to Irish speakers’ rights Children have right to learn through Irish SF Assembly members use Irish as political tool Scale down of pupils’ protest in Irish row Language barriers - Irish at the expense of education? One million (occasional) Irish speakers Language policy is tongue-tied Taoiseach urged to stand by Irish-only policy After 12 years, I can’t speak Irish. Here’s why Modern marketing tools must be used to promote Irish language Éan mór joins TV pecking order Irish language move a challenge to unionists Hanafin’s order should be resisted Father hits out at Gaelscoil-only option for students No support for Irish language volunteers Irish language group was left without funding Hanafin: Gaelscoileanna must teach juniors English Millions wasted trying to save dying language Language policy fails Local approach to promotion of Irish Dingle naming row continues after TD remarks Government hires ‘language planning’ experts to promote Irish English in gaelscoileanna directive delay Parents and teachers divided over Hanafin directive for all-Irish schools Gaelscoil’s timetable for English ‘insufficient’ Hanafin to restrict policy of not teaching English to Gaelscoil infants Increase in Irish language services complaints Irish language exams set for overhaul changing my official identification to reflect the Irish form of my identity. Support for Gaelscoileanna on English Support for Gaelscoileanna on English Hanafin stung by lack of interest in Irish teaching jobs Galway compiles language list Irish language paper launched 25% hike in budget sought for independent TG4 Minister fails Irish 25% hike in budget sought for independent TG4 Tourism fears as Dingle name erased from signs


Taoiseach tackles ‘ceist na dteanga’ Critics misrepresent FG’s Irish language policy


Dr.Regina Uí Chollatáin to launch Irish book