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Confucius says it's time for Irish students to fly to China Ambassador 'surprised' Chinese not in Leaving Cert ITT lecturer in pioneering new language study Study foreign languages, urges Murphy


Irish language requirement for college places should be removed, report recommends Ministers vow clamp down on rogue English language schools - See more at: English language schools shake-up to protect students - See more at:


Mandarin on menu in revamp of Junior Cert New campaign aims to boost languages in our education With the right programme, teachers can make learning Irish a pleasure Watch out Béarla, it's the Stepaside Gaeltacht A growing number of Irish undergraduates are spending a part of their course abroad SERIOUS weaknesses have been found in the teaching of Irish and maths in schools School inspectors find weakness in teaching of Irish and maths 'Scrapping primary school language short-sighted' Why English is not enough any more when you're job hunting Science and languages vital education tools, says HP boss LC German: Challenging but fair First Leaving Cert Higher Irish Paper 'fairest in many years' Junior Cert Irish: Social media references not a hit with everyone English invades French universities Exambrief 2013: Languages Mandarin should be on syllabus, says mayor


VEC turns to North as it can't fill language teacher jobs Call for schools to make Mandarin a priority Fears over skills shortages in key science and language subjects Andrew McKimm: Leaving Cert: it's an Irish renaissance as hostilities cease Leaving Cert figures (including languages) Leaving Cert 2012: ‘Unreasonable’ choice of topics in Irish higher level paper Leaving Cert Irish paper Parts of Higher Level French comprehension tricky Chinese to be rolled out in classroom as ties grow The Leaving Cert begins now as students start oral exams Letter: Tongue twisted Diary of a Schoolteacher: The skills minister who is cutting back on our kids' skills


University in Chinese initiative Independent Colleges invest in growing language sector Thousands speak out over languages-teaching cuts David McWilliams: If our future is in Europe, we have to talk the talk Junior and leaving cert oral exams Uni reveals Chinese institute plans Only 5pc at third level able to speak two foreign languages JC Irish Higher: Tongue-tied grammar question confused many Why Mandarin must be a target for our post-primary schools Foreign student numbers 'to double' Sarkozy sparks row with plan to teach nursery children English


Irish tongue is a real mouthful for Chinese students In my opinion: Why students learning German will help the economy Going to France helped me to get an 'A' Why it's really time to mind our languages in schools Pupils worst in EU for foreign languages More foreign languages for students Fluency in at least two international languages should be required at Leaving Cert level Asian languages must be taught in schools, warns business chief 'No funds' to make Chinese a Leaving subject Call for 'Chinese whispers' in teaching of Mandarin Probe as more pupils shun Irish Boys still bottom of class for languages School is first to teach Chinese ExamBrief 2010: Spanish ExamBrief 2010: German ExamBrief 2010: French ExamBrief 2010: Irish Exam Brief 2010: Leaving Cert languages Saudi students head for new college Ethnic pupils 'not being taught enough English' in our schools Chinese university to teach Irish 'Virtual lab' helps Irish students


All-Irish school is not teaching enough English Crucial subjects disappearing from syllabuses Science subjects and languages axed in cutbacks Immigrant pupils pay the price as language post cuts Junior Cert French Leaving Cert French Teachers happy but cupla focal from Des cause a stir More students opt out of Irish and honours maths In my Opinion: More migrant teachers needed to reflect the new Ireland Leaving Cert English, Irish and French 2009 Overseas pupils will pay the price of language class cuts Language schools threatened by strong euro 41 nationalities -- only four English teachers Experts savage State policy on teaching Irish L'ecole francais C'est magnifique A short-sighted blow to language skills of children Teachers back bar on 'cronyism' Going to college: Choosing the correct Leaving Cert subjects Our ailing economy could benefit from foreign students Revised Irish test 'will hit weaker students'


Letter:English needs to be taught as a foreign language Irish pupils bottom of the Euro class for languages Chinese deal to bring in more students State agency snubs language schools Better schooling needs true integration Numbers of students who sat exams in languages not included in the Leaving Certificate curriculum more than doubled Irish falls further down the Leaving Cert table Workers to picket Dail over closure of language centres Protest over language centre closure Euro Language Summer camps Call for interpreters to help schools deal with foreign parents THE English-teaching and learning sector received a significant boost French: The teacher's view French: The student's view French: ExamBrief Languages ExamBrief - the Leaving Cert in 2008 Surprised to read that the CAO Handbook is now available in Polish College entry guide gets Polish revision


Hanafin faces row over new English directive Cutbacks threat to Irish language schools Colleges drop language requirement for science Leaving Cert students turn towards Japanese 'Polish-only' school begins classes Languages are proving a tough challenge for Leaving Certificate candidates at ordinary level. Language initiative to break down barriers Learning the language . . . but hardly any native speakers go to Gaelgoir pre-schools Foreign-born pupils set to face new English test in language move Children who 'talk posh' do better at school The threat to language Boom in pupils choosing non-curricular languages Don't do this Minister, it will harm Irish language Hanafin backs off in school language row Gaelscoileanna shouldn't be allowed teach English - Conradh na Gaeilge Gaelscoil revolts against Hanafin's language ruling Gaelscoil outrage over new language ruling by Hanafin ASTI nonsense on the teaching of grammar Cambridge bids a Cead Mile Failte to Irish classes How studying abroad can be a life-changing experience Leaving Cert now in two new languages Nasty surprise at the DIT Profitable German lesson for students Are languages just a waste? Blistering attack on students as "barely semi-literate" Higher marks for spoken Irish in new exam changes Row casts doubt over future of college Schools 'must be fair about migrants' Radical plan aims to save the classics from extinction


Legal action threat in colleges over languages 'turf war' Irish people have the worst record for second languages in Europe The rot in learning is brutalising our society 2005 Language lessons at primary level 'a long way off' 2004 Dempsey seeks SSIA cash to pay for schools 2003 Irish and foreign languages to be compulsary in schools Languages on course to make appearance in junior schools


IRISH third-level students struggling with foreign languages


Broader sweep to learning curve in many languages Irish spotlighted in shake-up for language teaching


Compulsory languages in schools is `misguided'


School's Irish syllabus gets a shot of realism


IRISH and foreign languages should no longer be compulsory to go to university